Criminal Law

One of the practice areas focused on at McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC is criminal law. Crimes are generally categorized as misdemeanors or felonies based on its nature. Felonies involve serious misconduct, but most state criminal laws separate felonies into different classes with varying levels of punishment. Misdemeanors usually entail no more than a year in prison, and lesser offenses such as traffic violations are also a part of criminal law.

At McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC,

We specialize in all levels of criminal offenses and focus on aggressively representing clients charged with a criminal offense. We have extensive experience and excel at handling serious and violent crimes, including homicides, sex crimes, abuse cases, weapons charges and drug trafficking. We have dedicated our careers to zealously representing clients and have the experience and knowledge to obtain favorable results.

We understand that every criminal charge is serious and because of that, we immediately begin investigating and working on your case to develop a strategy and attack the charges against you.  We have investigators who will immediately respond to your needs and get the necessary information to protect your rights and ensure that you have the best defense possible.

McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC has the necessary background, experience and knowledge to effectively attack all types of evidence, including DNA evidence, medical testimony and complex legal issues.

Why it’s important to have Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys

Representation during criminal proceedings is critical for those charged with committing a crime. Although defendants have the right to represent themselves, the consequences of poor legal representation can be severe. Being charged with any criminal offense is serious and can have serious consequences. This is why it’s so important to have good criminal defense attorneys. At McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC we assist clients throughout the criminal justice process, including advocating for you before charges are filed, to prevent the filing of charges, through the pre-trial and trial phase. If you believe you may be charged with a crime, please contact us so that we can immediately and effectively advocate for you and protect your rights throughout the entire process.   We will provide you with guidance to lead you through the entire criminal process.

As experienced criminal defense attorneys, we have been successful in convincing the State Attorney’s office to drop charges when there is insufficient evidence or improper procedures.  We have also been successful and diligent in filing motions to suppress evidence and filing other evidentiary motions to ensure that you receive the best defense possible. At McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC we understand how stressful facing criminal charges can be and we promise to take the time to fully and carefully investigate your case in order to aggressively and successfully fight the charges against you.