A Law Firm With Experience, Knowledge, and Determination

McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC is a firm with a client-centered philosophy that specializes in treating every client individually and crafting our defense strategy to suit your particular case and needs.  We have a record of litigating and winning difficult cases. We always fight aggressively for our clients.  Our practice is dedicated to the pursuit of justice. McCarty Gonzalez Pavlidis & Whidden, LLC, was born out of our shared approach to the practice of law: one which combines a strong work ethic, honesty, compassion and a commitment to diligently representing our clients and serving the community.  With extensive trial experience and a history of success in the courtroom, the firm is not afraid of going to trial or advocating aggressively for our clients.  We also recognize that every case is unique and every client is different.  Facing criminal charges is often one of the most stressful experiences a person will face in his or her life.  The stress of an arrest and criminal charge affects not only the client, but his or her family and community.  We take the time to get to know our clients and view every case in a personal and unique context, and we fight strongly for our clients. It is often difficult for a client to decide what path to take when facing a criminal charge or other legal matter.  We will meet with you and help you make the best decision to fight your case.  We look forward to representing you and bringing our passion, knowledge and experience to your case.

Lily McCarty Gonzalez and Maria Pavlidis are Board Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys. Board certification is one of the highest recognition’s a lawyer in Florida can receive. Only seven percent of the attorneys in Florida are board certified. Board certified lawyers have met the Florida Bar’s highest standard for special knowledge, skills and proficiency in various areas of law and professional and ethics in the practice of law.

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